2x MoCa 2.5 Ethernet Network Adapter Home Cable Network COAX Gigabit Ethernet

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Convert your existing home cable tv network to Gigabit ethernet.
Why to run cables from room to room if you have a perfect solution.
MoCa 2.5 Ethernet Network Adapter is here to change your
home copper(COAX) cables to Gigabit Ethernet network.
This set includes 2 Moca 2.5 Adapters

  • Since the wiring is already in existence, the only thing that is required is to attach MoCA devices at either end. Plug and Play.
  • Unlike Wi-Fi, MoCA is based on coaxial cable, a shielded metal wire. That can minimize the external interference. Also the attenuation of the cable is very small, less than 8dB per 100 feet. Even with a 60dB path loss, you still can get a full-speed connection. It is almost comparable to Ethernet.
  • Improve online gaming by lower latency. Latency is the quality of your network, it is the term used to indicate any kind of delay that happens in data communication over a network. When play games online, latency is critical. The lower latency, the better gaming experience. MoCA 2.5 can achieve 3ms delay. For Wi-Fi, the value is variable, from milliseconds to tens of milliseconds.
  • This bandwidth are shared by all the devices. That’s enough to allow streaming 4K/8K videos at the same time, while still playing an online game and transferring pictures from a computer or a mobile device to a television for viewing.
  • MoCA 2.5 can offer extremely high bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps.