Brand New Cowboy Safety Hard Hat-BLACK

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Howdy there, pardner! Are you in the market for a hat that's tough as nails and stylish as a wild west outlaw? Well, look no further than the Western Outlaw Cowboy Hard Hat!

This hat ain't just any old hat, it's got the ANSI rating to prove it's as tough as they come. And with a 6-point deluxe nylon suspension, you'll feel like you're wearin' a cloud on your noggin'.

But that's not all, folks! This hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1, class E, G & C standards, which means it can protect your melon from some serious impact. Plus, with a front cotton terry sweatband, you can keep your forehead nice and dry while you're wranglin' up some cattle.

And don't forget about that extra wide brim helmet! It'll keep the sun off your face and neck, so you can stay comfortable and focused on the task at hand. Plus, it comes in a crisp, clean black color that'll have you lookin' sharp as a tack.

Best of all, this hat is made right here in the good ol' US of A. So you know it's made with the kind of quality craftsmanship that'll last you for years to come.

So what are you waitin' for, partner? If you want a hat that's tough, stylish, and made in the USA, then you need the Western Outlaw Cowboy Hard Hat. Get yours today!

6-point deluxe nylon suspension
Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1, class E, G & C
Front Cotton Terry Sweatband
Extra wide brim helmet provides more UV protection
Black Color
Made in USA