Brand New Fibre Optic Cleaning Alcohol Bottle(200mL)

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Anti-static alcohol bottle, also known as ESD alcohol bottle, is an ideal device to absorb alcohol, acetone, methanol, diluent and other reagents with cotton swabs, rags, cotton balls. There are mainly two kinds of plastic and glass materials, with hinge, cover to ensure that the reagent will not be contaminated when not used; Stainless steel head design ensures the use of strong reagents. Precision machining valve can prevent evaporation and leakage of solvent; Part of the bundle solution was sealed with adhesive inserts to ensure the purity of the reagent.

Product Feature
Good sealing,
Does not pollute the environment,
Press type,
The bottle body is made of high-grade plastic,
Acid corrosion resistance,
Impact resistance,
Not easy to break,
Press type alcohol bottle.