Fibre Optic Loose Tube Cable Jacket Slitter

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  • Product Description:Loose tube cable longitudinal opening knife blade super alloys using specially made, slitter knife. There are four sizes of stripping the outer diameter. Beam tube longitudinal stripping for outdoor fiber optic cable cut over time. Open center beam tube outer diameter of the four options open to the beam pipe opening and down both sides, easy to draw the fiber

According to the optical fibre by stripping loose plastic condom diameter, wire stripper in the correct selection of a certain diameter range of the circular groove. The loose condom into a round plastic tank, so the tank head embedded in the plastic sleeve, closed and clamped two semi-circular groove along the plastic sleeve, pulling the blade, achieve condom plastic optical fiber loose line stripping.
Cable can be processed:
  • a.( 1.5~ 1.9mm);
  • b.( 2.0~ 2.4mm);
  • c.( 2.5~ 2.9mm);
  • d.( 3.0~ 3.3mm)