Heavy Duty Optitap Fibre Patchcord (2M) + Optitap Adapter for NBN

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Essential Gear for NBN Fibre Optic Contractors!

Equip yourself with the must-have tools for top-notch NBN Fibre installations:

Heavy Duty Optitap Fibre Patchcord:

Purpose-built for NBN MPT and SMP.
Ideal for OTDR and PON testing.
Ensures precision, strength and reliability in your fiber optic connections.

Optitap Adapter for Drop Cable Testing:

Streamline drop cable testing with precision.
Enhance efficiency in your workflow.
Tailor-made for NBN requirements.
Get ahead in the game! Invest in these indispensable tools to elevate your NBN Fibre optic installations. Shop now for seamless, high-performance connectivity!