Jonard Tools Fibre Stripper and + Kevlar® Scissor for NBN, Telstra& Optus

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Introducing the Jonard Tools JIC-375 + JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears: Your Ultimate Companion for NBN and Telstra Fibre Optic Excellence.

Precision Engineering for Flawless Results:

The Jonard Tools JIC-375 and JIC-186 form a dynamic duo engineered for perfection. The JIC-375 effortlessly handles the delicate task of stripping 1.6 mm-3 mm fibre jackets, 600-900 micron buffer coatings, and 250 micron coatings to reveal the pristine 125 micron glass fibre. Meanwhile, the JIC-186 brings precision to cutting Kevlar®, cabling insulation, tape, cable ties, and various materials, simplifying your intricate tasks.

Unmatched Versatility for the Expert Technician:

Designed with the expertise of seasoned Fibre Optic Technicians in mind, this combination is your passport to versatility. The JIC-375 delicately uncovers the core, guaranteeing precision and accuracy in fibre optic work. On the other hand, the JIC-186's cutting prowess handles various materials with grace, making it your go-to tool for a multitude of tasks.

Safety and Convenience Redefined:

With safety at the forefront, the comfortable leather pouch included ensures your tools remain secure and protected. Attach the pouch effortlessly to any belt up to 2" wide, allowing you to have your tools at your side for easy access during your demanding tasks.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation:

Meticulously crafted and innovatively designed, the Jonard Tools JIC-375 and JIC-186 redefine fibre optic tooling. They are not just tools; they are extensions of your expertise, enabling you to create connections that last and maintain the highest quality standards.

Perfect for Professionals:

Tailor-made for professional Fibre Optic Technicians, this duo embodies the essence of mastery and precision. Elevate your craft, achieve impeccable results, and demonstrate your dedication to excellence with the Jonard Tools JIC-375 and JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears.

Invest in tools that reflect your commitment to precision and quality. Order the Jonard Tools JIC-375 + JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears now and redefine your NBN and Telstra fibre optic experience. Your success is in your hands – equip yourself for it!