Network Installation Quick Start Kit for NBN,Telstra & Optus

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Elevate your network installation and maintenance with our Network Tool Installation Kit – a powerhouse of essential tools for online buyers like you. Unleash efficiency and precision with a comprehensive set that includes:

CP-376KX Professional Modular Crimping/Stripping/Cutting Tool
DK-2039 Utility Knife
9DK-2060 Auto Stop Measuring Tape
9SD-329H Screwdriver Probe Voltage Tester
1PK-067DS Dual Colour Side Cutting Pliers
FL-516 LED Flashlight
MT-7058 Mini LAN Cable Tester
CP-302G Precision Wire Stripper
CP-148 Crimper/Pliers
CP-3141 Impact Terminal Tool
9CP-501BN Wire Stripper
SD-5101B Screwdriver
SD-5101A Slotted Screwdriver
SD-5107A Slotted Screwdriver
SD-5107B Screwdriver
9ST-4013 Tool Bag
Equip yourself with the ultimate network toolkit – streamline your projects, enhance precision, and ensure success. Purchase your Network Tool Installation Kit now for seamless network installations and maintenance.